Measurement of Metal and Oxide Coating Thickness

Plating / coating is the application of a surface finish to another material; it provides the surfaces of manufactured parts with a number of desirable physical, chemical, and appearance qualities. Nearly all manufactured or fabricated products made of metal or having metal components have some type of surface finishing. Plating increases sturdiness, prevents corrosion, provides hardness, or gives an attractive finish to an object.

Coating thickness measurement are important dimensions of plating materials because the effectiveness, longevity, and cost of the final product depend, not only on the appropriate selection of coating material, but also on the amount applied, and the final surface texture.

Microsection is the referee method in all cases of coating/plating thicknesses within the resolution of the light microscope and it provides more accurate and precise readings compared to XRF technique.

We follow the ASTM B 487-85(2007) method for measurement of metal and oxide coating thickness by microscopical examination of crossection

Measurement of the local thickness of metallic coatings such as

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